The tech train has left the station. Teachers have no choice but to get on board, especially in higher ed. A little overwhelming? No worries. Whether you're a super-cyber-genius or still clinging to the old analog days, check out our tech tips for ideas on using the digital age to your students' advantage.


Do your courses look and feel about the same as the ones you took when you were in school? Give your learning environment a modern make-over with these quick tips for thinking outside the box. Warning: Not your grandmother's classroom. Welcome to the new school!


Have you ever wanted someone to just cut to the chase and give you step-by-step instructions on what to do and how to do it? Skip the abstract ideas and jump right into the concrete stuff? Check out this category of posts for real classroom activities you can implement on any given day.

30 Cool Things

Welcome to our site: Thirty Cool Things You Can Do in Class Right Now! We built this online hangout for new teachers, aspiring teachers, and veteran teachers (primarily those in higher ed) who are looking for a boost, a spark, or a way to bounce back from burn-out. Let's face it: teaching is awesome, but if people ever told you it was easy, well, they lied. Most teachers need all the help they can get (whether they admit it or not). There are tons of resources out there, and a lot of it is fabulous. But some of it is just plain trash, some is a little too idealistic, and some is too clouded with highfalutin tenure-seeking edu-babble to have any practical value for busy teachers in the real world. The purpose of this site is to try to dredge through all the noise out there and compile a few quick, easy, pressure-tested, ready-to-go pointers that can help you smack the dust off your classroom. This is a judgment free zone, where we try our best to siphon every usable tidbit from every mistake we make. So feel free to chime in. Let us know if we're helping and where we miss the mark. With any luck, at least a handful of educators will figure out how to get in there and pimp that classroom. Figuratively speaking, of course. 🙂

Teach boldly.

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