Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time...

This whole journey began in the fall of 2014, at a teaching conference in Las Vegas. That's when I met one of the world's most awesome college professors, Melanie Snyder of Stevenson University. We teamed up and started doing seminars together. In 2016, we presented a bit called "Thirty Cool Things You Can Do in Class Right Now." It was designed to be a rapid-fire crash course with lots of concrete tools and activities that college professors could quickly pop into their courses with minimal training, time, and expense required.

The Seed Was Planted...

Much to our surprise, the seminar was full to the brim with eager attendees (which kind of made us nervous, but we soldiered on). The material was really well-received, and several people asked us afterwards if we had any supplemental materials available online that they could take back to their universities. I was embarrassed to admit that we had none. And that's how the idea of this website was born.

Plant the Seed

Two Became Three...

Another awesome thing happened at that 2014 teaching conference. Ethel Badawi of The George Washington University entered the Teaching Competition and knocked everybody's socks off (including mine). From there, fate managed to pair Ethel and me up as co-chairs of the conference committee, and we've been working together ever since. All of a sudden, I was privileged to be collaborating with not one but TWO amazing young educators.

And Here We Are!

Once I finally got around to building this website, it only made sense to bring Melanie and Ethel on board. Thank goodness, they agreed! Our first goal is to get the original "Thirty Cool Things" published here on the website. If time permits, and if there's any interest, perhaps we'll expand to 50 or 60 cool things, or maybe even more! And since we've got no time or space constraints here on the glorious interwebs, we'll toss in a few very uncool things too, so you can learn from some of our most colossal goofs. We hope this is helpful!

Here we are!

Next Steps...

Ready to dive in? Great - let's get started! Check out the story behind 30 Cool Things, read about the chick behind the curtain, or just dive right into the blog. Either way, have fun!