Working with Padlet

Padlet is one of my favorite new toys. It’s basically an online scratchpad, but the cool part is it’s digital, shareable, portable. Remember the days of flip charts and whiteboards? Well, think of Padlet as a whiteboard, except…

  • The padlet is a blank page on the internet.
  • You can click the page and add a note (like a Post-it note).
  • The notes can be moved around manually (click and drag) or arranged automatically using the pre-designed layouts.
  • You can do more than write (type) on it. Within each note, you can also add links, attachments, embedded pics and vids, the works.
  • You can share it so others (i.e. students!) can contribute to the same pad you’re using.
  • Visitors can add their own notes or comment on others’ notes.
  • You can publish it so it’s publicly visible on the web, just like a website.
  • You can embed the padlet in a website or blog post, like so:

Made with Padlet
  • Go ahead – test it out. Click on that pink circle with the plus sign and add a note. Keep it clean, folks. This is family programming.
  • Coolest part – you can also embed the Padlet directly into your learning management system (LMS)! So, students can see and interact with the Padlet from within Blackboard, D2L, Canvas, etc.


  • Padlet is a great way to collaborate. Lots of folks can add “notes” to a single document at different times, and everyone can see it what others contributed. It’s a fab way get students to publish their work and take ownership of it.
  • It’s free.
  • It’s pretty user-friendly.
  • The owner has control. If you get unwelcome gunk on your padlet, you can delete it. You can also turn off the comments feature if you want.
  • Lots of flexibility and customization options if you want to go there, or you can keep it simple with one of their ready-made Padlets.


  • Remember that padlets are public. Beware of asking students to post things that could reveal FERPA-protected information.
  • Can’t really think of any more cons right now.

Have you ever used Padlet? If so, please let us know what you think! Any issues, problems, warnings, kudos? Best uses, best practices? Fire away.

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