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Calling All Profs

This site is geared towards teachers of adults and young adults. Some of the topics could apply to students of all ages, to be sure. But for the most part, we confess our tips are a less effective against prepubescence. If you're teaching late secondary school or college, we hope you'll be able to make good use of what you find here.

Wine vs. Beer

There has always been a quiet struggle (and sometimes a much louder one) between the ivory tower and the proletariat. On the one hand, there is something elegant about pure erudition for its own sake. We encourage life-long learning, and one can never learn too much. On the other hand, folks got bills to pay. And kids to feed. And needy spouses. And doctor's appointments. And as much as they might ideally love to learn about the educational philosophies of Paulo Freire, they need a solid lesson plan. And a fun activity that makes some sense out of E. E. Cummings. And they need this online quiz to stop showing the class average after students submit their answers. They need this stuff, like, yesterday. These are the folks we had in mind when creating this blog. If any of that rings a bell, then welcome aboard! And even if it doesn't, we hope you'll still pull up a chair and hang out for a while.

Next Steps...

Ready to dive in? Great - let's get started! Check out the story behind 30 Cool Things, read about the chick behind the curtain, or just dive right into the blog. Either way, have fun!